• Abdus sattar Dulal Congratulated by Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman, Bangladesh President for received UNESCAP Award on December 5, 2012

  • Meets with President Abdul Hamid of Bangladesh
  • Handed a crest to the Prime Minister
    The 25 members delegate with disabilities of member organization representatives of National Alliance of Disabled Peoples Organizations (NADPO) meet with honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh on 6 October 2010 under the leadership of Mr. Abdus Sattar Dulal, President of NADPO and Founder & Executive Director of BPKS. The team handed over a crest to the Prime Minister on behalf of NADPO.

  • Meeting At BPKS Complex.


Bangladesh ProtibandhiKallyanSomity (BPKS) came into being in 1985 as an initiative of Mr. Abdus Sattar Dulal, the current chief executive officer (Executive Director)of BPKS. It is registered with Bangladesh Government as a voluntary non-profit making disabled people organization. BPKS works nationwide with a unique approach called PSID (Persons with Disabilities Self-Initiative to Development) introduced in 1996. PSID is a consumer-driven, rights-based, holistic approach that empowers persons with all types of disabilities to take responsibility for the initiation, participation and ownership of the development process. BPKS developed and localized 23 Disabled People’ Organizations (DPOs), and facilitates DPOs across Bangladesh which are now-a-days increasingly acting as a safeguard of principles and rights of disabled people. BPKS manages programsits own complex, in 60 decimal of land space, built in an accessible7 storied building that includes office, conference, seminar, training and accommodation facilities.

National Council (NC) of BPKS acts as highest approval authority over fundamental and constitutional matters including annual plan and budget, appointment of election commission, decides on matters related to Executive Director. Members of NC are disabled man and women and representatives from DPOs across Bangladesh systematically enrolled with encouragement for disabled women to be in the councils. National Executive Council (NEC) of BPKS acts as executive decision making board of BPKS. The NEC is formed by members of NC through election.

The Executive Director is a constitutional top management position responsible for management of BPKS office, mid-level management staff, funding and execution of policy.