Slide Under the leadership of Abdus Sattar Dulal 25 members delegate meet with Bangladesh Prime Minister with 13 point proposal on October 6, 2010. Slide WWDs overcoming unlimited challenge Jesmin win her graduation, achieved job as primary school teacher and now she is mother of a son. Slide Under leadership of Abdus Sattar Dulal 15 members delegate meet with Bangladesh President on December 5, 2012 and submit 13 points proposal on behalf of disabled person. Slide WWD leader at grassroots and maintain happy life. Slide Under the leadership of Abdus Sattar Dulal 5 members delegate meet with Bangladesh Speaker Md. Abdul Hamid at parliament and shared proposal for his support. Slide Excited participants at BPKS organized national congregation of disabled people. The congregation was held with more than 100,000 PWDs from whole country. Slide BPKS organized opening ceremony of DPI world council meeting at BPKS Complex on June 28, 2015. The ceremony was addressed by a number of Important persons including Raushan Ershad, Mp, Honorable Leader of the Opposition of Bangladesh Parliament. Slide Thousand women with disabilities completed skills training on different areas with support of BPKS that helping them for self-employment at their own community. As photo seen, recently 20 women with disabilities completed skills training with support of BPKS to address the covid-19 crisis. Slide About 250,000 disabled persons developed economically with support of BPKS till today. To addressed Covid-19 capital supports BDT 20, 000 distributed recently by BPKS among the 65 disabled persons to restore their business. Slide About 25,000 disabled family received emergency support from BPKS till today. To addressed Covid-19 situation 200 family with disabled child received at different points of Dhaka emergency Nutrition Supports from BPKS recently. Slide Till today about 550,000 different professionals received knowledge building training on different issues including Covid-19 that includes teachers, religious and social leaders, journalists, responsible parties at different level and disabled persons from BPKS.

BPKS is safeguard, promoter and first line change makers of disabled people rights and development.

We welcome all supporters, donors to visit us, consult with us and prepare plan with us to contribute the achievement of goal of United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Sustainable Development.


BPKS is a fundamental organization of disabled people, fully governed and led by themselves, that ensures safeguard of their ownership, effective representation, non-influenced decision with democratic practiced, and recognition of disabled people’s organization.


BPKS envisions all disabled people live with freedom and dignity in a barrier-free family and society, and are able to contribute equally to their own and universal development.


BPKS is a non-governmental and disabled people’s organization, committed to promote disabled people’s capacities and rights, organizations and policies and practices. Initiative of disabled people enables them to be effective and equal citizens and to contribute to the development of a non-discriminatory society for all.


To safeguard the principles of rights of disabled people and increase their access to opportunities and participation through establishing and strengthening disabled people’s organizations, promoting non-discriminatory systems and understanding of various issues, and providing exemplary and technical support’s including resources and transfer knowledge to different stakeholders.



The impacts of BPKS' interventions in promoting rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs)
and their development presented in portraits.

Our Majors Donors

Fundraising for local community causes world help received.

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