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Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS)

Bangla (Bangla is mother language)

Bangladesh – Bangladesh (country name)
Protibandhi – Persons with Disabilities
Kallyan – Welfare
Somity – Association

BPKS is a fundamental organization of persons with disabilities (OPD), it is fully governed and led by all types of persons with disabilities that ensures safeguard of their ownership, effective representation, non-influenced decision with democratic practices, and recognition of OPD.

BPKS Definition: it is organization of persons with disabilities (OPD) is a fundamental organization of persons with disabilities (PWDs), fully governed and led by themselves that ensures safeguard of their ownership, effective representation, non-influenced decision and recognition of OPDs.

Explanation: BPKS grow spontaneously as an outcome of the personal experience of its funder and other persons with disabilities (PWDs) own life experience of discrimination, lack of dignity, lack of autonomy, lack of access to rights, stigma, ignorance, development actions, opportunities and participation. BPKS exclusively run with spirit of collective and collaborative commitment to change and improve the situation that is universal and acceptable to all. This spirit accelerates with voice and engagement of effective representation of PWDs grassroots organizations leaders towards achievement of the real rights and acceptable development.

BPKS members maintaining sense of ownership, as they are responsible to provide the leadership role, exercise organizational authorities, raise voice and have control over BPKS properties. BPKS in nature, have scope to share and consult PWDs own experience, participate in different actions/events, analyze situation and increase knowledge and skills on different strategies. In BPKS, PWDs have autonomy to decide and choose uninterruptedly that meet their needs and aspiration. PWDs in BPKS enjoy an atmosphere where they express different views, opinions, suggestion, and choice and utilize their abilities.

Logic: PWDs themselves principally shall be the core members of BPKS as like women are members of the women organization or architect are the members of architect association. If this principle is not followed by BPKS, then there will be a potential seeding of conspiracy, conflict within BPKS and possible to misleading the reputation and representation of BPKS by promoting hidden interest that threaten and risk the BPKS values, real interest, sustainability, recognition and real human rights of PWDs.

BPKS Important: It is great opportunity for donors and supporters that 100% contribution or funding use to change life of PWDs.

Not Government. It is not for profit organization.

All types of persons with disabilities

  • Family members of all types of persons with disabilities
  • Professionals
  • general people in respective location
  • community as a whole
  • policy makers and civil society

It creates unlimited image through media coverage at national and international level by which millions of people hear about the BPKS action globally and the BPKS also influence the development and human rights activist worldwide.

From beginning of disabled persons rights movement, most of the led and relevant institutions, agencies, civil societies, universities, donors, governments staffs, diplomates, personnel work for, of or with organization of persons with disabilities from national and international gained knowledge about BPKS good practices and approach by visiting BPKS, learning, partnering, participants in events and received information about BPKS.

BPKS representation instrumentally contributed to UN, AusAid, USAID, EU, Bangladesh Government, DPI, ActionAid, IDA, WHO, ILO, JICA, IRI, NDI, ICACBR, ADB, WB, CBM, Caritas, HI, UKaid, BftW, WI, ASEF, World Vision, Lions Clubs International, Business Companies and many others.  Many Universities such as Begum Rokeya, Independent University in Bangladesh, York in Canada, Oregon in USA and Melbourne in Australia.

it is governed democratically by 2 types boards:

– National Council (minimum 21 members, they are representatives with disabilities of grassroots organizations persons with disabilities)

– National Executive Council (7 members elected by members of the national council)

Persons with Disabilities Self-Initiative to Development (PSID) which is consumer-driven, rights- based, holistic development approach that initially empowers persons with all types of disabilities to take responsibility for the initiation, participation and ownership of the development process. It affirms that persons with disabilities can effectively contribute and enjoy the opportunities as other citizens of a nation.

DHAKA, the capital city of peoples’ republic of Bangladesh of Asia & Pacific region.

The headquarter managing from the BPKS Complex of 60 decimals of land with 8 storied building facilities of around eco-friendly environment including office, conference, seminar, dining, training and accommodation. It is located 3.5 kilometers east direction of Dhaka Shah Jalal International Airport.


Skype: sdulal

Phone: +8802 58950077 OR +8802 58953915

36 (60% staffs with disability)

  • It 100% governed by persons with disabilities representatives
  • Experts and long experiences
  • It has own facilities at headquarter and 16 own PSID Resource Centre at different districts
  • It is well-known

BPKS existence and its performance, contribute for elimination of unacceptable and unethical concept, discrimination, inhuman work, barriers and lack of fundamental rights. It also grows attention among all people in terms of prioritizing the rights-based values, actualize governance system and political practice. Specific outcome of BPKS is it increasingly actualizes the development process, improving responsible parties understanding/knowledge and role that promote acceptability and recognition of citizens with persons with disabilities. It also contributes in changing thoughts and policies on/about of all including PWDs.