BPKS Program Approach is a consumer-driven, rights- based, holistic development approach that empowers persons with all types of disabilities to take responsibility for the initiation, participation and ownership of the development process. It affirms that persons with disabilities can effectively contribute to this process when able to enjoy the same opportunities as other citizens of a nation. BPKS recognizes that disability issues are development issues and the success of persons with disabilities accelerates the overall development of a nation. Through a democratic process, persons with disabilities are directly responsible for the planning, decision-making, implementation and management of their own programs and organizations from the grassroots to the national level. BPKS works to achieve a barrier-free society that helps to build the capacity of persons with disabilities to become innovators able to fully enjoy their human rights while also ensuring that their primary needs are met. It has proven to be an adaptable and cost-effective approach that allows for high returns on investment in relation to both economic and social benefits for individuals, their families and their nation.

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For those helpless childrensand people who need it every minitues.