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Short Biography of Founder of BPKS

Mr. Abdus Sattar Dulal

Mr. Dulal was born in 1960 in Bangladesh. At the age of 15 in 1975, fell from a tree and released from hospital as he continues in coma for 42 days but survived and after extensive seven years in treatment, he became disabled person, using wheelchair. He married a woman with disability and father of 2 sons.
Mr. Dulal prominent activist and leader in the movement of disabled people’s human rights and development worldwide. He started job Swedish funded project run under social welfare department of bangladesh government from 1984 and resigned in 1994. He has 35 years’ experience focuses on promotion of safeguard the human rights of disabled people, promote disabled persons as center of the development, promote organizations of PWDs (OPDs) and their effective participation. He was provided leadership of delegates of more than 550 high level advocacy meeting and advocate for non-discriminatory systems and policies worldwide including in France and Australian. He innovates disabled people led human rights and holistic development approach – PSID (Persons with Disabilities Self-Initiative to Development) that shared with most of the key actors in the field and initiating 30 CSOs including an alliance of OPDs are outputs of his activism. Under his leadership BPKS managed about 25 foreign funded project including EU, UN and government of German, Spain, Japan, United State, Australia and Canada etc. that together valued about 15 Million USD. His work ability proved that situation of disability, disabled people and representatives of OPDs are catalysts and their actions are impact oriented that led to make development acceptable, enjoyable and sustainable for all.
His speaking engagements have included more than hundreds of audiences at national and international level including at the UN agencies, WHO, DPI, ILO, CBM, HI, Caritas, BftW, Australian parliament house and Panama, different universities including in Bangladesh, Australia, Japanese and Harvard in USA, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asia – Europe Foundation, EU events, National Democratic Institute (NDI), workability international and Different Embassies in Bangladesh Etc.

He instrumentally contributed voluntarily in developing many national and international documents such as UNCRPD, the Poverty and Social Development Papers of ADB, World Report on Disability of WHO and World Bank, the AusAid policy ‘Development for All’ and Handicapped International long tram plan that promote HI OPDs inclusive. In Bangladesh, he also instrumental 1stdisability-specific national policy of 1995, the 1996 Action Plan and Act of 2001/2013 and mainstreaming the interest of PWDs in a range of national policies and plan. Several researches were conducted under his leadership including “barriers to political and electoral participation for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh”, conducted by JANIPOP.
Mr. Dulal, visited 70 countries of Asia & Pacific, Europe, North America and Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Arab to participate, speak, facilitate and organize hundreds of workshops/seminars/meetings/consultations and advocacy etc. Under his leadership several international declaration / statements were adopted.

Mr. Dulal, received many recognitions including in 2012 he awarded as ‘Disability Rights Champion’ by the UNESCAP. He is constantly learning and experiencing with different leadership position including Global Secretary of DPI. Currently he is president of the National Alliance of Disabled People’s Organizations (NADPO), BPKS founder and Executive Director, and World Councillor and Deputy Chair Persons for Asia & Pacific Region of DPI and member of several International Organizations. He is also chairman of a business company “BPKS Consumer Ltd.” is started to promote disabled persons employment and support to BPKS (Charities). He won 1st position at national level and got 3rd Position in the International Chess Tournament.

Email: info@bpksbd.org


We welcome all supporters, donors to visit us, consult with us and prepare plan with us to contribute the achievement of goal of United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Sustainable Development.

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